A final post

Just to announce that any future online writings by yours truly will be found HERE. Adios!


Selected previous posts are available here.


Every blog has its day

Yes, my dear (few) readers, this sporadic blog cometh to an end.

I have been pondering for some time what to do with online resources, and have come to the conclusion that the best way forward is to draw matters here to a close.

I will empty (but not delete) this site in a week or so

Some of the content will survive, at related blogs which I will have linked up from the side – I have one for Spurgeon stuff, one for James Smith, and another where I will lodge the old ‘favourite hymns’.

I will still write, but I will be writing for the congregation at Morton Baptist Church, and so any new articles I do ‘pen’ will appear there.

For more personal stuff, I am facebook, twitter, and Google+. I am sure that you can find me there if you so wish.